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Modular Construction Advantages


Modular construction is, quite simply, 21st Century craftsmanship. In the late nineteenth-century, structures were stick-built on site to take advantage of the natural resources at hand. While we at Stratford Homes® still believe in the advantages of high-quality stick-built craftsmanship, we know there’s no longer a need or an advantage to building a structure completely on site.

Today, quality is equated with materials, technology and precision. Almost every item on the market is constructed within a manufacturing facility because the process is more cost effective, timely and of superior quality. Shouldn't we demand the same of our commercial construction processes?


    Access to our exceptional staff means you’re never limited to the talent of the labor pool in the area of your building site.


    Our Engineering and Design Team will assist in custom designing your commercial building using the latest CAD technology. Craftspeople use precise machinery and quality construction methods to produce buildings with superior structural integrity.


    Our manufacturing facilities allows for consistent quality and uniform processes. All specifications and system designs are thoroughly communicated during each phase of construction to ensure precision, accuracy and a superior product.


    During construction, and before our modular units leave the manufacturing facility, they are inspected by a third party agency to ensure the construction has been completed in accordance with local and state building requirements relevant to the building site. This process, along with assessments of the site constructed work by the local building jurisdiction, ensures that the project adheres to the applicable code criteria.


    The Stratford Homes’ construction process occurs year round and is typically not subject to weather delays. Site preparation by the general contractor can be scheduled concurrently with Stratford Homes’ modular construction. This means your building is completed in less time than a conventional site built structure. With the foundation in place, modules can be delivered and set almost any time of year.


    Our commercial projects are cost-effective because of efficient manufacturing processes, construction that is not subject to seasonality and weather, volume purchasing of materials, and decreased delivery costs associated with bringing supplies and talent to an on-site project.
    We also offer premium name brand components and fixtures with a wide range of options, allowing you to appoint your building with the windows, doors, cabinets and fixtures that fit your budget and design criteria.


    Whether you are the general contractor, or you are involved in the process of selecting the general contractor, you can be assured Stratford Homes will provide the guidance needed throughout the construction process. A budget, blueprint drawings, construction specifications and contract agreement will be prepared. The means and methods used in the construction and execution of the project will be completed in accordance with these contract documents. The designated project manager will oversee the process ensuring that all parties work smoothly and effectively together utilizing knowledge of local building codes, site conditions and experience in selecting capable sub-contractors.


    Stratford Homes’ facilities offer optimum environmental conditions. Exposure of materials to on-site forces of nature are greatly reduced, minimizing concerns for warpage, mold and damage to the products that compose your custom building. On-site problems such as subcontractor no-shows, pilferage and material shortages are virtually eliminated.


    Our modular structures have a tighter shell than site built structures because of our precision construction process. Skilled craftspeople focus their attention on areas that can cause energy loss. The end result is less air infiltration and lower heating and cooling costs.


    Modular construction is more eco-friendly than conventional on-site construction. Damage to the site and its surroundings is greatly reduced because less time is spent at the building site. This includes less noise pollution, on-site material waste, and vehicular traffic that may increase greenhouse gas emissions.
    Because Stratford Homes’ modular construction takes place within a controlled facility, material waste is minimized. Stratford Homes also has an excellent waste management and recycling program in place. The goal is to continually aim for optimal efficiency to improve the use of energy within our controlled manufacturing environment.